Estate <span>Litigation</span>

Estate Litigation

We understand that when it comes to administering estates and trusts, no two situations are the same.

The administration of complex estates frequently leads to disputes and other difficulties.

Such complications are even more likely today, given that many families are blended and structures are more complex. It is also more likely when businesses are involved.

Dimos Lawyers has successfully litigated and defended estate dispute claims for more than 40 years. If litigation is necessary, we can help you challenge an estate, or defend against a challenge.

We understand that when it comes to administering estates and trusts, no two situations are the same. Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things do not always go to plan or run smoothly between family members and other beneficiaries.

Ensuring the future of dependents

The law recognises that people who relied on the deceased person for maintenance and support should be adequately provided for in their will. If you have been left out of a will, or not properly provided for, you may have rights under Victorian legislation. You might wish to make a claim for what may be rightfully yours.

Whether you intend to challenge a will, or you are an executor dealing with a claim against an estate, Dimos Lawyers has the experience and expertise to obtain a favourable outcome in the quickest, most cost-effective way.

Dimos Lawyers has over 40 years’ history in this practice area. This gives us a deep understanding of both sides of the law for contesting and defending wills. We have a strong track record in delivering favourable outcomes to clients in both areas.

Estate litigation services

Our estate litigation lawyers specialise in:

  • Supreme Court applications under the Administration and Probate Act 1958
  • Contesting the validity of wills
  • Contesting the interpretation and drafting of wills
  • Contesting the validity and interpretation of trust deeds and the rights of trustees and beneficiaries in relation to trusts
  • Making applications concerning the capacity of an adult or a will maker
  • Any other matter involving disputed wills or trusts

Estate litigation experience

We have acted for:

  • Clients contesting wills, either due to being left out altogether, or due to inadequate provision
  • Executors of estates responding to claims made by persons contesting a will
  • Beneficiaries defending claims made by persons contesting a will
  • Family members involved in disputes between beneficiaries
  • Beneficiaries seeking the removal of a solicitor, executor or trustee through the Supreme Court

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Estate Litigation

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