Liquor <span>Licensing</span>

Liquor Licensing

For hospitality industry clients, getting the right advice on liquor licensing can mean the difference between failure and success.

Dimos Lawyers can help you with any liquor licensing or gaming matter, whether large or small.

Liquor licensing is a complicated and often-changing area of law. If you do not have the right experience it can turn into a costly ordeal. For clients in the hospitality industry who require a liquor licence, the right legal advice and assistance can mean the difference between failure and success.

We have the experience and expertise to manage the application process for you and provide practical, cost-effective advice on licensing requirements.

Dimos prepares applications for all types of liquor licences, and assists with all liquor licensing matters. Our clients range from large corporations to small cafés and restaurants.


Liquor licensing services

  • Applying for a liquor licence
  • Liaising with local council and other bodies to expedite approval of your application
  • Drafting impact assessment reports
  • Licence requirements
  • Redefinition of licensed area
  • Applying for temporary permits
  • Revocation of conditions

Liquor licensing legal experience

Examples of the ways in which Dimos Lawyers has helped its clients include:

  • Advising and applying for liquor licences for a large national retail coffee network with over 50 stores across Australia
  • Advising and applying for liquor licences for cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs in Victoria and advising them on liquor licence conditions
  • Applications to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for reviews of liquor licence conditions

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Liquor Licensing

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